Something Sacred

*** Top Secret! ***

Obviously we’re not going to give too much away before the film is released. (That is obvious, right?)

But, if you want to know … we’re happy to share this!

In the Autumn of 2014, two movie-loving friends were talking. One of them was Georgia, the film’s writer/director. She’d recently come home from Brazil, where she had seen some pretty horrific situations. Eyes open when she came back, she saw things that had probably been there all along. She’d just never noticed it like that before – horrific situations.

So she was talking with her friend (with considerable passion), about her beliefs and feelings around these situations. Her friend says, ‘We need to make a movie.’ Georgia says: ‘Yeah we do.’ Why? Because movies have power.

It is not only our minds that absorb things through the screen. Watching stories affects our hearts.

In Brazil, in Australia – around the world, people hurt and are hurt, kill and are killed. Suicide. Abuse. Abortion. Murder. Hatred.

Because we don’t truly … we don’t …

And we’re going to stop now, before we give too much away!

But know this.

There is something else out there.

And it is beautiful!

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