A team with vision, passion and drive...

It's more than just making films...

We're about producing stories that uplift, empower and change lives.

We Are a Company of Passionate Film Makers

Hi, and welcome!

This is the official website for ‘Sacred’, the indie feature film production. We’re set to rock not just the film industry – but the nation! (In a good way!)

We’re a collection of young film makers from across south-eastern Victoria and South Australia. We’re passionate about story; story with a purpose. We’re passionate about quality; quality without regulation. And we’re passionate about God; God who speaks. We don’t intend to hide this – we’re followers of Jesus.

But we don’t plan to just preach at you all day, if that’s what you’re wondering! ‘Sacred’ is not exactly a sermon!

First, it’s a good story. It honestly is an amazing story.

Secondly, it’s challenging. It’s intense. I’ve told that many complete strangers about this story, and every time I feel a tinge of worry that they’re going to faint or that their eyeballs are going to pop out of their heads and I’ll have to squeeze them back in. Seriously! I talk to randoms all the time, and the reactions I get are priceless.

Third, we the creators are indies. We’re independent. We have no alignment with any group or guild or clique or anything. And this do-as-we-want-not-as-we’re-told thing we can do equals fun times for us! – uh, I mean, it equals awesomeness for you! – the folks at home on your computer, or at the train station on your phone.

So come on, and join us in the craziest venture we’ve set our hands to yet!

Shooting dates: early December 2015 to mid January 2016
Release date: Planned for mid – 2016
To be released on Youtube, Vimeo, Gbox, and DVD (for purchase through the website).
Also looking at local cinema release!

Fully original soundtrack.
Shooting on location in Melbourne and rural Victoria (Kinglake, East Gippsland, etc).

Planning to enter in the Below Five Zero film festival 2016.

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