The Funny Post

“You touch her again, and you won’t touch anyone ever again!”

I like that line. It leads up to a really intense part of the film, and even as the writer I feel my heart rip a little in the moments that follow it.

But auditioning people for it is really fun!

And among other lines, it gave us some really hilarious moments. Not least of all, our Funding Facilitator’s reaction to one casting applicant. Read on and be jealous you missed it …

Mr FF, who is also taking on several jobs in production management (you’ll have to wait for his introduction on Facebook!) was blocking for us during the auditions. He’s a tall bloke so it worked well with the intimidating character he was playing.

This Casting Applicant was a well-built young man with a likable manner. We advised Casting Applicant that he was welcome to push Mr FF around. During this scene we are looking for a high level of intensity, as our characters reach the end of their emotional endurance.

Hey presto, next thing we have a yelling match, to the entertainment of the Director. (We had a few yelling matches over the weekend. It was great.) But then it got serious.

Casting Applicant wouldn’t back down.

He got closer and closer to Mr FF, who locked him in a staring match. Their eyeballs seemed to laser into each others’ souls. And they got closer and closer. Mr FF delivered his line, a dastardly threat. And Casting Applicant moved yet closer. Their noses were touching. And then Casting Applicant yelled into Mr FF’s mouth.

Our poor funding facilitator couldn’t take it anymore! He stumbled off, coughing and gasping – Oh mah goodness! That was just too close to a kiss! He needs a drink! Cough! Oh boy! Give the bloke some water! Cough!

And we got it all on film. YES.

Apart from all the fun, we did get a lot of work done. Not least of all the auditions themselves! We saw some great upcoming talent, and some already established talent, and we’re excited to watch the footage over again and make a decision. We’ve confirmed several more crew positions, which will be announced shortly. We had some important crew meetings, and we got some time in prayer as a team. It has been good.

Looking forward to our next prequel bite filming sesh and the upcoming crew meet over Skype!