Was that one incredible weekend.

Yes, this is Georgia again, your favourite young director, producer, writer and floor-sweeper, among other things. I went from work, to loading my car, to travelling to Melbourne, to a meeting. Sleep, up to audition, sleep, up to audition, sleep, up to audition. A couple of meals in between whiles (although I think the total was six meals in four days…) and a fair bit of pacing and rescheduling along the way.

I loved it!

We auditioned eleven roles all up, including one role cast solely by video submission. However, the film we shot of the auditions will assist us in casting applicants for other (smaller) roles as well.

So far we’ve matched five applicants with roles, with another two almost certain. We’ve only told one so far! It has been harder perhaps than it might otherwise have been, as several roles we’re casting for believable family units. This has meant age and appearance has played a large role in our decisions!

We’ve set Thursday next week as our deadline to have primary casting announced, apart from the role of Helen.

That’s exciting!

At the same time we will be contacting applicants whom we have not cast in primary roles for whatever reason, and discussing supporting, featured extra and extra roles.

We can’t wait to get our cast all together and introduce them to each other! After early June, things will probably lay fairly low – we’ll run over the revised script together in early August, but it won’t be till late November that we get stuck into a few days of rehearsals (for the lead roles), ready for filming in early December. We’re looking at Dec. 2 through Dec. 23 for our first shooting stint. Wrapping up (after assessment over Christmas/New Year) with shooting from Jan 9 to Jan 15.

Won’t be long, and I’ll be back to touch base! As I’ve been saying all week … Sweeeeet!