Bring on Casting

Bring on Casting


The sad part is, we have to say ‘no’ to some people. Amazing people who would be perfect! – for different characters. And we even have to say ‘no’ to amazing people who could pull off *these* characters!

The awesome part is we get to say ‘yes’ to a whole bunch of amazing people, too. Auditions starting on the 1st of May!

And I can’t wait to meet them all and really start Operation Film … operating.

I was working today, a very long shift in hospitality. My poor badgered co-workers were going on and on about how they couldn’t stand being around people any more. (It’s okay, dear customers. In their hearts they care about you. Somewhere in there.) Anyway, I’m there, tired off my face from a late night sorting audition stuff out and this lengthy shift, but bubbling all over ’cause I love people. I love working with them, I love working for them, I love them working for me, I love seeing progress, sharing passion, trying to understand them, talking with them, talking about them …

You get the gist.

This story flows from my heart. It’s not just about some goggly-eyed premise that popped into my head one day. Sacredness – the set-apart-ness of human life – is etched all over each of these human beings you and I come into contact with. Their lives are precious. It’s an honour to know them. It’s a joyous ride to exist alongside them. Not because they’re ‘fun’. (Oh boy! Some of them aren’t!) But because they’re sacred.

And since that is a truth, not only does the film tell that story, the production will too. What we do, how we go about things. It’s incredibly exciting! Oh it’s going to be fun.

And I need to get some sleep, or this next revision of the script is going to drag like an inchworm laden with too many backpacks. Or something like that.