Hi from the Director!

Hi from the Director!


I’m the director/producer of Operation Film. (The title we’re half-settled on at the moment is ‘Sacred’, but that’s sort of hush-hush.) My name is Georgia, and I’m currently up at midnight building this website.

I like websites.

I also like films. A lot. Which kind of makes sense, considering I’m here making one. But that’s not the only reason I’m making one.

I don’t intend to hide this – we’re followers of Jesus. And that’s why I am determined to make films; because I believe He wants me to.

But we don’t plan to just preach at you all day, if that’s what you’re wondering! Sacred is far more than a sermon.

First, it’s a good story. It honestly is an amazing story.

Secondly, it’s challenging. It’s intense. I’ve told that many complete strangers about this story, and every time I feel a tinge of worry that they’re going to faint or that their eyeballs are going to pop out of their heads. Seriously! I talk to randoms all the time, and the reactions I get are priceless.

Third, we’re indies. We’re independent. We, the film creators, have no alignment with any group or guild or clique or anything. And this do-as-we-want-not-as-we’re-told thing we can do equals awesomeness for you, the folks at home on your computer or at the train station on your phone.

So, wanna keep up with what we’re doing? Check out the website (which will have more to see in a couple of days when I’ve had some sleep), and the Facebook page (which didn’t exist when I first wrote this post but can now be found here). And get ready to check us out on our yet-to-be-launched crowd-funding page!

Oh boy. I sure have a knack for making work for myself.