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The Funny Post

“You touch her again, and you won’t touch anyone ever again!” I like that line. It leads up to a really intense part of the film, and even as the writer I feel my heart rip a little in the moments that follow it. But auditioning people for it is...

A Tale of Talent

Welcome back to the mind of Georgia! Apparently we had so much fun with the last set of auditions … we’re doing it again! Actually there’s a little more to it than that. Let me explain. As a team we want to be open with those we work with, so we have...


Was that one incredible weekend. Yes, this is Georgia again, your favourite young director, producer, writer and floor-sweeper, among other things. I went from work, to loading my car, to travelling to Melbourne, to a meeting. Sleep, up to audition, sleep, up to...

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